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As a strong supporter of Converse Valkyries Athletics, you are a vital member of our team and are essential to our success. As a united team, we must all play by the rules… and that includes following NCAA regulations. Remember that violations could affect the eligibility of prospective and current Converse Valkyries student-athletes, result in NCAA penalties being imposed on Converse, and lead to restrictions regarding your involvement with the Valkyries program.

Of course, all NCAA legislation cannot be covered in a limited space such as this. Therefore, any additional questions should be forwarded to the Compliance Office in the Department of Athletics.

The following documents contain compliance information, please read them carefully:



NCAA Eligibility Information

NCAA Freshman Eligibility Information

Representative of Athletic Interest / NCAA Tips For Boosters

NCAA Banned Drug List

NCAA Regulations

Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

Prospective Student-Athlete Tryout Waiver

Prospective Student-Athlete Tryout Form

Conference Carolinas Compliance

Converse College Title IX Policy

Title IX Documents For Converse College

Pregnancy Policy